22 May 2009

Camping Citico

The weather has been a beaut these days. It has been sunny, warm, and breezy. Perfect weather for camping.

Kevin and I took a two day camping trip at Cherokee's National Forest this week. What a delightful time we had together. We were able to get away from the norm of busy life, spend some quality time together, experience God's beautiful handiwork, and take time to praise God for the many blessings He has given to us.

The area we camped totally picturesque. Unfortunately, I failed to bring along my SLR Canon camera. I missed my good friend. Nonetheless, I did carry the compact Canon Powershot camera. It did the job it was supposed to do: capture an overview of our time together.

Here are a few snaps shots of our time in Citico, Tennessee:

Feeling accomplished after setting up camp.

Supper with a side of Pork and Beans

We had to take a self portrait together!

The creek bank just outside our tent.

Chilling the Crush!

It took a while to start up our fire, but Kevin did a fine job at getting a good blaze that lasted all through the night.

Using a rock as a tripod and setting the 10-sec timer, we snapped a couple's portrait.

Not forgetting this! :)

Citico Creek

Kevin all snuggled up for the night. Warm!


On a camping trip, always bring a cap, unless you want to display your bad hair day.

Goofing around...

Apple-Cheddar-Sausage Quiche was for breakfast. It was scrumptious!

Our morning devotions.


After breakfast and devotions, we headed for a long hike. Along the way, I found this pretty flower tree.

Here we are again.

I was really missing the SLR Camera by this time...

We found a box turtle taking his time on the trail.

Kevin and Mr. Tortoise posing for a picture.

Kevin with his trustee truck. (Note: this truck has been a great blessing. With the purchase of our travel home in Nov., this truck was included in the price. We still cannot believe how perfectly God has provided for our needs. When the times comes for mission deputation, this truck will haul our home around.)

14 May 2009

First Come Love, Then Comes Marriage...

...then comes the Westons with a baby carriage!

We're pleased to announce that we're going to have a baby! We're praising God for His little blessing to us!

05 May 2009

Shoot at Something

Goal setting is important, because as a preacher once said, "If you shoot at nothing, you'll get bull's eye every time" (Tom Harmon).

It is also very important to set the right goals. One of my goals is to learn to pray fervently. I found this quote very encouraging: "When it is hardest to pray, pray the hardest" (Tom Harmon).
What are we shooting at?!