19 June 2009

A Post? A Post? Shall We Post a Post?

Um... Life has been extremely busy these days. Kevin has been working full time, and more. Any moment he has off, it is time for extra sleep, Tutor Training for a home-based job position, and travels to various locations.

As for me, morning sickness hits at various times of the day, so in between spurts of nausea, I try to accomplish all the tasks around the house, cooking, cleaning, and a little reading. (Currently, I'm reading three books, a Tale of Two Cities, Vanya, and a child rearing book.)

In our travels, Kevin and I drove down to the Nashville Advanced Training Institute Conference. It was superb! Various speakers spoke powerful messages about Christian living. Also, we were able to visit Biblical Missions WorldWide (BMW) June 10th, a mission board located outside of Atlanta, GA. It was a great time of fellowship with the state-side BMW team. We learned a lot and are now praying about what direction God would have us to go.

Summer is almost here, isn't it? The weather in Tennessee has sure heated up... We praise the Lord for Air Conditioning! :)

Well, a better update will soon follow.

'Till next time, Tally HO!