09 September 2009

It's a Zoo Day

Obviously, we've been tremendously lax on posting updates on our blog. So sorry... You see, my Camera has been malfunctioning and needing a visit with the Fix-it-Man. It has been just recently that Cam can shoot properly again. However, with other busyness, I haven't made the time to post either...

So.. with some good pictures from the zoo, I thought everyone would enjoy seeing what I captured:
I think he is a pretty good catch, don't you agree? ;o)
Here is a photo taken by Kevin... artistic, eh?

Previously, I've always tried to give the impression that the zoo animals were taken somewhere other than in the zoo. For example, try not to show the cages, bars, etc...but zoom in, snap a photograph that would give the image of being totally free in the wild. With that, here is the elegant Scarlet Macaw. God truly has made things beautiful! I just love the vibrant colors? By the way, Mr. Macaw could even say hello!

The common Monarch butterfly.
Kevin snaped a picture of this Blue Butterfly
Kevin took this pictures of the African Wild Dog.

A Self-Portrait, using a rock for a tripod!
It was quite warm by mid-afternoon at the zoo. I found it very refreshing sitting under the sprinkler system!
A cute baby money born in 2008. Isn't he still very little?!
Kevin-- monkeying around.
Now, remember, at the zoo, you seriously don't want to fall in with the animals. It can be very hazardous to the health and well being of the animals if they decide to eat you for lunch. Not to mention, it might not be too pleasant to be considered some-one's lunch. :)
The Rhinos were having a bit of a hustle
I loved the RED Panda-- he looks so snugly. :o)
Kevin demonstrating the proper mount on a tortoise
Ride 'em, Cowboy!