26 April 2009

Wedding Slideshow

Part 1 & 2 of 3:

(more to come)


Esther Hale said...

Lovely pics!
Can't wait for more!
Love and miss y'all! <3

Anonymous said...

Hi Darleen....you were totally beautiful, just as I knew you would be...I love that the inside shows through your countenance...I know you are blissfully happy, and I am the same for you...I dreaded seeing these, as I was so terribly sad about not being there - it is almost for me as though it didn't happen since I anticipated being there for so long, and then wasn't, but I love each and every picture, and all the emotion and love for each other and for Him that the pictures personify...I know He will be glorified in your lives and marriage...I only wish I could watch up close - it feels like a very long time since I have touched base with you heart wise...my fault as I am such a hermit! I love and miss you and pray for you each day...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Darleen I was dying to see pictures!
Wish I could been there! Esther Vande Hei