12 October 2009

What will it be?

Boy or Girl?!


Stephen said...

Thats really cool Kev, I bet you guys can't wait. I am going to predict that its a girl.

A Waltman said...

Let me guess...it's a...BABY!!!! (hooray!) Jo :)

Ashley Sebo said...

(Oh dear...I'm horrible at this!)

I guess I'll go with a boy, just in case Stephen is wrong! Anyways, either way it's gonna be a Baby!!!!

(Somehow I suspect Stephen's prediction will come true....)

Darleen Weston said...

Yes, indeed, it will be a baby! I love that!!

If it is a girl, we're be thrilled! If it a boy, we're also be thrilled!

Ashley Sebo said...

(either way...you'll be THRILLED!)

Miss you Darleen! I'm thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers!!