16 February 2010

Our Addie...

Addie looked so cute all dressed up for a trip to the Baby Emperior (a consignment shop). Baby and ME!
Addie has the most adorable cheeks to kiss.
Time with her daddy.
In deep conversation with Dad!

"Hi everyone!"


Emily said...

We all really liked the pictures of Addie!! She's adorable. :D Counting down the days 'till all of you come!

Ashley Sebo said...

Oh, Darleen!!! These pictures are so cute!!:) I love them!!! Your little gal is growing fast!!:) The faces all remind me of Kevin, except for the last two! She seems to have really taken after her Daddy! Loved the one of you and her!!:)

Like Emily said....counting down the days till you guys come!!:):)

Love you!! Have a great evening!!:)

Anonymous said...

How Precious!!! She is SO cute!!

Esther Schatte