20 February 2010

Our Baby girl -- Addie -- is now 5 1/2 weeks old! Addie is starting to smile -- which causes great excitement in our household!

Yesterday, Addie had her first official bath. I don't think she was all too exctited about it... What do you think?


Ashley Sebo said...

Oh Darleen! These photos are really cute!!:) Babies don't usually take to kindly to their first official baths but, they sure do need it!!:)

You look quite at home being a Mommy!!:)

Love you and looking forward to March!!:)

Anonymous said...

Addie looks sooo adorable, Darleen! What a blessing she must be to ya'll!

Lizzy Schatte

Kevin and Darleen Weston said...

Thank you, Lizzy!! We love her to death!

Oh, yes, Ashley, it will be great fun to see you when we come in March!

...they call me mommy... said...

Very sweet, Darleen! :D Those first baths are always rough, eh?! :)